Water4Gas – Three Things You Should Know

Water4Gas is a popular electronic book that has been distributed widely on the Internet amongst various groups of car enthusiasts. This increasing popularity is not surprising – after all, petrol prices are sky high at the moment and seem to be going up by the minute. The book promises to cut the petrol usage and increase car mileage by anywhere between 10 to 50%.

In fact, if you go into Google and type in “Water4Gas”, there are references to well over 100,000 websites talking about this package. It is being discussed in online forums and communities, there are pages devoted to it on popular social networking sites and content providers such as Hubpages and Squidoo.

As usually is the case, however, not everything you read about Water4Gas should be taken for granted. There are certain things to be mindful of when considering if Water4Gas is the right product to purchase and use.

First of all, the price of the package as at the time of writing is USD $97, and is quite a lot for anyone to pay for an electronic download. It is certainly one of the more expensive information products sold on the Internet. Considering that in addition to buying the Water4Gas book, users will be required to invest an additional $300 or so into the parts necessary to build the kit, it is quite a big spend.

Next factor to take into account is that the Water4Gas package is just a book. It is not a complete package, it is simply a guide on how to make a Water4Gas package using materials commonly available in shops and how to install it at home.

And the last important factor to know is that devices similar to Water4Gas may not necessarily be approved by your country’s road authorities.¬†Water4Gas¬†book mentions it, but also stipulates that the device itself, once installed, takes minutes to detach from the vehicle, in case the vehicle needs to undergo inspection.

I hope you have found this information interesting and useful. Despite the popularity of the Water4Gas kit, I would recommend everyone to consider the above points before buying the book.

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