Water4Gas – Pros and Cons of Hydrogen Fuel

Nobody wants to spend a ton of money on gas, but the gas prices are steadily increasing and showing no signs of topping off. This has led many people to get creative and start finding alternative fuel sources. One of the most controversial alternative fuels is hydrogen. Water4gas is a website dedicated to selling consumers the information they need to convert their engines to hydrogen power.

What is Water4Gas?

Water4Gas is a company that has put together a product line that will help you turn your car into a hydrogen powered car instead of a gas guzzler. Hydrogen is one of the best alternative fuels on the market (and the cheapest) and this company wants to teach you how to make the most of it.

What Products does Water4Gas offer?

Water4Gas offers ebooks and an ecourse to teach you how to build the converter and install it in your car. The books are downloadable for a fee and there is also a cost to download the ecourse. These products are full of information about hydrogen, why it is important and the best ways that even the non-technical among us can convert their gasoline burning engines into hydrogen burning engines.

What About the Water4Gas Scam I’ve Heard About?

With any new technology there are going to be cries about scams. The water4gas scam is no different. To determine whether the water4gas scam is truly a scam, ask yourself this: do you already know how to convert your car to hydrogen? Would you be willing to pay someone to teach you how to do this so that you can convert every car you own (currently or in the future) into an energy efficient vehicle? If you would pay for this information, then the water4gas scam is not a scam at all.

It won’t be long before alternative fuel is more common than regular gasoline. Scientists are working with ethanol, diesel engines can use vegetable oil and hydrogen has been thoroughly explored. Wouldn’t you love to say “oops, my car needs gas” and simply turn on the faucet instead of having to find the cheapest gas station? Sure you would! Water4gas can teach you just how to do that.

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