Stainless Steel Plates For HHO

What Are The Best HHO Plates

There are a lot of different designs for HHO plates out there. They include flat plates, spheres, pipes, cups, wire, and probably a few others that I forgot to mention.

The most important thing is that you only use 316 stainless steel plates for hho. No matter what shape they come in they are most likely going to quickly corrode if you use one of the lower grades such as 304 stainless. I tried some stainless wall plates from Home Depot, which is a popular design that I have seen, and they corroded to the point that they could no longer be used in about two months.

Another thing to be careful of before buying your plates is make sure that they will fit in whatever you are going to use as a container. No sense in buying them and then finding out that they won’t fit.

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