HHO Review

Since the gas prices started going up there have been dozens of these sites popping up all over the internet. The Water4Gas guys seem to be the ones that really started it off and they are definitely the most popular.

Which HHO Guide Will Benefit Me The Most

Since there are so many of the HHO guides out there then I can’t review all of them. Most of them are just knock offs of the originals anyway. What I mean by that is there are quite a few that have just bought the books from somebody else, read them, reworded the content, and started selling them as their own. The danger here is that after they have been rewritten a few times by people that are not mechanics then you no longer know what you are going to get.

What I am going to focus on for this HHO Review is the two most popular guides. They both have their advantages and disadvantages and are both very popular systems. There are some key differences that may make one of the guides a better fit for you personally though.

These two programs are of course the Water4Gas & The Run Your Car On Water Guides and we will look at things such as price, refund rates, customer service, and technical skills required. We will start with technical skills since this is going to be a huge factor for some people.

Technical Skills


The Water4Gas system is much easier to use and build than the Run Your Car On Water system. The haredst thing about the Water4Gas system is cutting the plexiglass that is used for making their generators. You will have to have some experience at using tools and be able to drill a few holes but everything is fairly simple. Another thing in favor of the Water4Gas here is that you can get some help if you need it.

Run Your Car On Water 

The Run Your Car On Water System is going to require that you have a little more experience working with your hands and tools. There is a fair amount of cutting and some wiring so you will need to be able to solder as well. This system is just a book as well so there is not anyone to help you if you are having problems. That being said if you do have some decent technical skills then this is the guide I would go with. The end product is a higher quality and this guide costs less.

Refund Rates

I got these refund rates from a third party that tracks these kinds of sales. Both of these products are doing very well and have much lower refund rates than other products in their category.


 Refund Rate = 0.18% – That is very low. This product has an 8 week window when it can be returned and this shows that almost no one is asking for a refund.

Run Your Car On Water 

Refund Rate = 0.26% – Once again extremely low. They have the same return time as the Water4Gas so this shows that they are doing just about the same on refunds.

Some of the other products similar to these that I could get the refund rates for were between 4% and 6%.

Customer Service


Water4Gas is easily the winner here and is the biggest reason that you should consider this system if if you don’t have a pretty high level of mechanical knowledge. On top of the guides that you get with Water4Gas you also get access to their website and forum. You can ask questions in the forum or send them an email if you need help. I even had these guys offer me help when I didn’t ask. I had a blog going for the Water4Gas system and mentioned in the blog that I was having a problem with one of the parts. A couple of days later I get an email from one of the guys at Water4Gas that saw my blog and let me know how to fix my problem. I have to admit that I was fairly impressed by that.

Run Your Car On Water 

As far as I know there is not really any customer service here. You buy the book and follow the instructions. The book is very detailed so this isn’t really a problem but like I mentioned before you will need a higher mechanical skill level if you decide on this system.



There is a big difference in price between these two systems and Water4Gas is almost twice the cost of the Run Your Car On Water. Water4Gas sells for $97. Not really bad considering that with them you also have some access to support and can at least get a few questions answered if you need help.

Run Your Car On Water 

Run Your Car On Water goes for $49.97. If you have a pretty high level of technical skills than I would of course recommend that you go with this one and save a few bucks. If you are going to need some advice along the way then you might be better off with the Water4Gas though.

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