Building the HHO Kits

With gas prices constantly climbing there are more and more people that are trying to figure out ways to save gas themselves. One of the most popular ways right now is the homemade HHO kits for cars. Well I did not want to be left behind so I decided to start trying it out myself. So here is a little information on actually building an HHO kit for a car.

The first thing that you will need to build is the actual HHO generator. This process isn’t too bad but it does take a while to run down all of the parts you need. One of the most popular methods is using either stainless steel wires or plates inside of a mason jar. I decided to go with the plates.

For the lid of your generator you will want to find a plastic lid to make sure that you don’t short it out. I ended up buying some lids online because I couldn’t find what I wanted at the store. This part is pretty easy and just consists of drilling a few holes and attaching some parts to the lid. I put a bubbler cap, a check valve, and a fitting to hook up the vacuum line to on the lid. I still had two holes open for attaching the plates as well.

For the plates I found some stainless steel wall plates in the electrical section at the hardware store. With these I just welded some tabs to the top of them, bent over the tab at the top and drilled a 1/4″ hole to attach it to the lid. If you don’t have a welder then just use the stainless wire instead of plates, no welding needed for that. I also used nylon bolts and washers to separate the plates from each other and keep them from shorting.

From there all I had to do was bolt the plates to the lid and attach the vacuum hose and the generator was built. I was still a little skeptical if this would work though so I had to try it out.

I pulled the 12V battery out of my lawn mower and hooked it up to the HHO kit to see what would happen. I ran the vacuum line off of the generator into another jar that was filled with water and let it start bubbling. I used a fireplace lighter to light the bubbles as they were coming out of the water. Almost couldn’t believe it but this thing actually works and it does make a flammable gas.

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