Seven Benefits of Converting Your Car to Run on HHO Gas

HHO Gas is a little known alternative to using just gasoline in your vehicle. This gas, commonly referred to as Oxyhydrogen, can save you 40% or more on fuel costs. Before I tell you about the benefits of converting to HHO, let’s learn a little bit about it.

About HHO Gas

HHO, also known as “Brown’s Gas” (named after Yull Brown), is created through the electrolysis of water. It is a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen containing 2 parts hydrogen to every 1 part oxygen. Not to be confused with hydrogen, HHO gas is very safe and produced and stored in a very small quantity. It has been proven to contain three times more energy than regular gasoline.

Seven Benefits of Converting Your Car To Run On HHO Gas

  • Savings – you will increase your fuel economy by up to 70%. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars per year.
  • Environmentally Friendly – HHO Gas will decrease the amount of harmful emissions your car creates.
  • Increase the life of your engine
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Your car already has the ability to create HHO
  • Can convert to HHO yourself for about $55 in materials
  • Cheaper than purchasing a hybrid vehicle

You can convert your car to an HHO hybrid yourself even if you aren’t a mechanic. The materials can be purchased from your local hardware store and should take you less than an hour to install. The only post-maintenance involved is the occasional adding of a few ounces of water!

HHO gas is a great alternative to regular gasoline and expensive hybrid technology. I encourage you to research this technology and discover all it can do for you!

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