HHO Fuel Heaters

What Does The Fuel Heater Do

The HHO Fuel Heater is another item in the Water4Gas guides that I have not actually tried myself yet so I really don’t know if it makes a difference. The theory is that pre-heating your fuel will cause it to combust more completely and make your fuel system more efficient.

Fuel heaters are used on some diesels and aircraft because of the nature of the fuel they run. Diesels and jet engines run a kerosene based fuel that just does not want to burn if it is too cold so it does make a difference here. If it matters with gasoline or not though I am not sure.

These fuel heaters are supposed to be attached to your upper radiator hose and then covered with tin foil allowing the heat from your radiator to also heat you fuel.

HHO Flashback Arrestor

Why You Should Install A Flashback Arrestor

A Flashback Arrestor is just a safety device but it has an important purpose. I would recommend that you use either a flashback arrestor or a bubbler with your hho system. In case of a backfire (flashback) then using one of these devices is what will protect your generator from blowing up. You definitely would not want that to happen while you are under the hood with it.

The Water4Gas plans say that if you use a long hose from the generator to the intake that your generator will be safe from flashback. I’m not sure that I trust that idea and it never hurts to make a little effort towards safety.


Do You Need A Pulse Width Modulator

A HHO PWM is a device that will limit the amount of current going to your generator. Not all generators need these. There are quite a few generators that you are best off installing this device on though. If you have a high amperage generator then this can prevent you from overloading the circuit and blowing fuses.

HHO generators will pull different amounts of amps depending on the design and the amount of amperage draw will increase with the temperature of the generator. If your setup is blowing the fuse after you have been driving for a while then you may want to consider installing a pulse width modulator to limit the current available to your generator.


Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer

The EFIE, which stands for Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer, is used to modify the signal coming from the O2 sensor to the computer. This device has the same goal as the map sensor enhancer but acheives it in a different way. Some people use both of these at the same time in their system as well.

This device is a little harder to come buy then a map sensor enhancer and they are much harder to make so they are more expensive. They also seem to do a better job though.

I have seen a lot of people that will have EFIE in the listing title when they are actually selling map sensor enhancers so make sure you read the description before you buy one. In order for it to be an EFIE then it will be adjusting the signal from the O2 sensor, not from the Map sensor.

Map Sensor Enhancers

Buying A Map Sensor Enhancer

Map Sensor Enhancers are used to manipulate the signal coming from the map sensor and going to the computer. They are pretty simple devices and use resistors and potentiometers to increase the resistance in the circuit, thus lowering the voltage. This lower voltage tells the computer to lean out the fuel.

There are a few different designs of map sensor enhancers but the only real difference is some use two potentiometers instead of just one. The ones that have two potentiometers are called dual-edge map sensor enhancers. The only advantage of these is that you can set both pots to different settings and then toggle back and forth between them.

Stainless Steel Plates For HHO

What Are The Best HHO Plates

There are a lot of different designs for HHO plates out there. They include flat plates, spheres, pipes, cups, wire, and probably a few others that I forgot to mention.

The most important thing is that you only use 316 stainless steel plates for hho. No matter what shape they come in they are most likely going to quickly corrode if you use one of the lower grades such as 304 stainless. I tried some stainless wall plates from Home Depot, which is a popular design that I have seen, and they corroded to the point that they could no longer be used in about two months.

Another thing to be careful of before buying your plates is make sure that they will fit in whatever you are going to use as a container. No sense in buying them and then finding out that they won’t fit.

Automotive HHO Generator

What Are The Best Automotive HHO Generators

There are a lot of different designs out there for the automotive hho generators. There are a few things that you should take into account before buying though.

The first thing is the kind of material that is used for the conductors. Whether the generator is using plates, wire, wire mesh, pipe, or whatever else they come up with, you want to make sure that you have a material that will last.

Make sure that you only buy a generator that is using 316 stainless steel. The lower grades such as 304 stainless quickly corrode in these generators and will only last for a few months. I tried some stainless wall plates from home depot and after a couple of months there was so much corrosion that a third of one of the plates was completely rusted away.

The next thing to look at is the lid. The Water4Gas design calls out for using a mason jar for the container and a plastic lid for the top. The mason jars work fine but the plastic lids are brittle and crack easily. You can pick them up cheaply but don’t expect that lid to last forever. There are some people selling the same design but they are using a heavy rubber lid, I would recommend you get one of those instead.

Water4Gas – Pros and Cons of Hydrogen Fuel

Nobody wants to spend a ton of money on gas, but the gas prices are steadily increasing and showing no signs of topping off. This has led many people to get creative and start finding alternative fuel sources. One of the most controversial alternative fuels is hydrogen. Water4gas is a website dedicated to selling consumers the information they need to convert their engines to hydrogen power.

What is Water4Gas?

Water4Gas is a company that has put together a product line that will help you turn your car into a hydrogen powered car instead of a gas guzzler. Hydrogen is one of the best alternative fuels on the market (and the cheapest) and this company wants to teach you how to make the most of it.

What Products does Water4Gas offer?

Water4Gas offers ebooks and an ecourse to teach you how to build the converter and install it in your car. The books are downloadable for a fee and there is also a cost to download the ecourse. These products are full of information about hydrogen, why it is important and the best ways that even the non-technical among us can convert their gasoline burning engines into hydrogen burning engines.

What About the Water4Gas Scam I’ve Heard About?

With any new technology there are going to be cries about scams. The water4gas scam is no different. To determine whether the water4gas scam is truly a scam, ask yourself this: do you already know how to convert your car to hydrogen? Would you be willing to pay someone to teach you how to do this so that you can convert every car you own (currently or in the future) into an energy efficient vehicle? If you would pay for this information, then the water4gas scam is not a scam at all.

It won’t be long before alternative fuel is more common than regular gasoline. Scientists are working with ethanol, diesel engines can use vegetable oil and hydrogen has been thoroughly explored. Wouldn’t you love to say “oops, my car needs gas” and simply turn on the faucet instead of having to find the cheapest gas station? Sure you would! Water4gas can teach you just how to do that.